Request test
Request URL{{instance_id}}/messages
Token *Required
page *Required

pagination page number

limit *Required

number of messages per request .
max value : 100 .

status *Required

Messages status [sent , queue , unsent , invalid]
sent : get sent messages .
queue : get queue messages .
unsent : get unsent messages .
invalid : get invalid messages .
all : get all messages .

sort *Required

asc : sorted messages by ID from smallest to largest .
desc : sorted messages by ID from largest to smallest

id *Required

filter messages by message id

referenceId *Required

filter messages by your custom reference ID

from *Required

filter messages by WhatsApp sender number e.g [email protected]

to *Required

filter messages by recipient number

chatID for contact or group e.g [email protected] or [email protected]

ack *Required

filter messages by message ack status [ pending , server , device , read , played ]

Request samples
Note : don't forget to URL encode your query params like base64 or utf-8
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