Get Started with Whatsapp API

Ultramsg Api enabling you to integrate any of your applications with our whatsapp message sending and receiving system.

you will find everything you need in your favorite languages to sample apps for web, iOS, and Android.

The main advantage of our system is its simplicity of implementation.

Every message sent from our system has its own unique id, which allows you to receive confirmation of its delivery.

Send your first message!

  1. Ultramsg account is required to run examples. Log in or Create Account if you dont have one.
  2. go to your instance or Create one if you haven't already.
  3. Scan Qr and make sure that instance Auth Status : authenticated
  4. Start sending Messages

Need help?

In case you get stuck at any point, please contact support , and they will help you with the information you need to successfully use Ultramsg API.

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